Wright’s Attention To Detail In Manufacturing

Wright is a company which is passionate about ensuring that their manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and ensures quality.  For ideas on how they can improve operations, other companies visit the Wright facility and bring ideas back to their own businesses.  The company is mission-driven and seeks to build mowers as well as change the lives of customers and employees alike.

Eco-Friendly Powder Coating

Wright mowers are powder coated as a result of the manufacturing process.  What makes Wright’s powder coating process is that it is specifically designed to be environmentally-friendly, using powder that is cleaner.

Single Facility Manufacturing Environment

Another component of Wright’s manufacturing process is that they employ the use of the latest technology.  This includes the use of a single manufacturing facility in Maryland.  Just-in-Time production, efficiency, and technology work together in order to reduce costs.  This single facility gives the company total control over the product from start to finish, and ensures that they are not farming operations out to other producers.

World-Class Manufacturing Facility

Wright proudly boasts that they have built a world-class manufacturing facility.  Wright can also claim membership in the Maryland World Class Manufacturing Consortium and provides tours of their facility to other businesses looking to improve operations.

They have developed their own manufacturing model based on Lean manufacturing to ensure quality.  Inspections are quite regular along the manufacturing process to ensure that they are only producing the best mowers in the business.

Wright is proud of their manufacturing methods, and is proud to the point that they discuss their process on their Youtube channel.

Here is a brief video tour of the Wright Manufacturing facility.  This is the Stander facility where the Wright Stander mowers are produced.

What Is The History of Wright Mowers?

Wright began as a landscaping company, but quickly they realized that there was a need for better lawn mowers.  The founder, Bill Wright, bought used lawn mowers and made them more efficient for landscapers to operate.

The founder can claim a few inventions of his own: a grass catcher and the stand on mower.  These inventions were designed to help landscapers avoid fatigue (in the case of the stand on mower) and reduce time spent on grass clogs with a grass catcher.  These inventions have helped Wright become a key figure in the lawn mowing industry.

Today, Wright stands as an icon of world class manufacturing.  The company is known for producing the best mowers in the industry, and remains unparalleled.  The aim is to make lawn mowing more profitable, enjoyable, and productive with the use of Wright Mowers.  Wright is there to be the safest and most productive company in the business of producing lawn mowers.  Everyone is considered – whether the employee of a landscaping company or an individual working for Wright in the manufacturing process.  Thus, this avoids ignoring another person’s needs.

The company is guided by a strong set of principles which make it an industry leader.  For their customers, this means a very innovative approach to ensure that they are producing the best mowers in the country.  Not only do they seek to build lawn mowers, they also seek to improve the lives of their employees and their customers.  They value each person, as well as the contribution that each individual brings to the table.  Aside from building teams, the company also seeks to influence the success of all the companies which they are associated with.

The company’s principles come out in the quality of their work, as they are proud to make great mowers.


Wright Stander Mower Safety – Basic Safety Tips For Operating A Wright Mower

Safe operation of a Wright Stander Mower is typically left to experienced operators.  Individuals with a minimum of 160 Hours of experience operating a 12 HP minimum mower is the individual whom is most suited to be an operator.  This also includes the use of proper safety equipment to ensure safe operation of the mower.

Wright Stander – Best Shoes To Wear

It’s simply too dangerous to operate a Wright Mower without proper shoes to grip to the mower’s platform.  Work boots are required to provide the proper grip – specifically, work boots with a high top and a rubber tread. Ideally, the sturdiest boots possible should be worn.

No Slopes

Wright Stander mowers should not be operated on a steep slope or a drop off.  It is a very dangerous situation if you are to operate your mower on a steep slope because a slope which is steep enough does not have enough traction to support the mower.

Inspect Mower

One of the most important things which you will want to do is to inspect the mower before each use.  This isn’t necessarily a step which would take a long time to accomplish, but it could save you a potential injury.  Loose bolts, bald tires, unusual noises, cracks, and other signs of wear are all potential hazards to be aware of.


Firm Grip On Handles

Perhaps one of the most important safety tips to remember is that it is crucial to have a firm grip on the mower’s handles.  The mower’s handles represent your only support, especially when you are operating a Wright Stander mower.

Never Start Without Parking Brake

Never start the mower without the parking brake engaged.  You definitely want to ensure that you are prepared to operate the mower when you engage the parking brake.

Consult Safety Manual

Wright publishes the safety manual for the Wright Stander mower online, which is the best place to consult for any questions on safety.  This article is not intended to be a substitute for reading the safety manual, as it is merely a set of suggestions for safe operation of a Wright Mower.

Ergonomic Mowing: The Benefits of a Wright Stander I Mower

Wright Stander I Design and Function


Stander Intensity

The Wright Stander I has been designed with ergonomics and efficiency in mind. The reason for both considerations is that it allows the operator to lean forward while mowing.  The operator’s weight also is shifted toward the front of the mower which allows for an optimal posture and less injury risk.  The mower’s suspension system has also been designed to ensure the ride is smoother over rough terrain. This has the added effect of ensuring that the operator never loses his or her balance.

Benefits of Wright Stander I Mowers

Wright Mowers also offer wide range of additional benefits over other mowers.  Wright mowers tend to be easier on the turf which is definitely something that is preferable to the end client.  This is because Wright Mowers are very light compared with other mowers.  Fast and compact, you are able to get off of a property much more quickly than with other mowers.

Wright began as a landscaping business, but the company expanded to making mowers. Their goal was to make mowers which are more productive and designed for maximum performance.  As a result of their insight, they are able to make some of the best mowers on the marketplace.

Additional Features

Wright Stander Intensity mowers come in many different deck sizes and engine powers.  Engines range from 18.5 – 22.1 HP, while deck sizes are 36″, 48″, and 52.”  Maintenance is easy because many of the crucial components required are easily accessible.  Because of the compact size, many Wright Mowers can fit on a single trailer at once.

The combination of features makes Wright Mowers, including the Wright Stander, one of the preferred companies on the market.  Without a doubt, their expertise has been able to attract the attention of both commercial and residential customers alike.